Philosophy of the Suzuki Method

All children have talent

All children can develop talent and master their instrument, and the 'potential of any child is unlimited' says Dr. Suzuki.  In order to nurture this talent, there are three main ideas that support it.

1. Environment

2. Mother Tongue - every child learns to speak their parents language from birth by listening,                                           the  same approach is used in learning music.

3. Small steps

The home environment can determine the success or  failure of  the child. This setting is best when it is a co-operative environment between the teacher, parent and student. The Suzuki Community plays a large part in nurturing the musician through group lessons, Graduation concerts and Festivals of playing.

The concept of the Mother Tongue is that all children learn to speak their parents language through listening and copying. The importance of listening to the recordings help the student develop a beautiful tone and provides the ability to improve their playing and gain a deeper understanding of their music. Technique, musicianship and style are developed through the repetition of each piece. 

After some time of teaching small children, Dr.Suzuki compiled a set of ten books of pieces for violin mostly consisting of Folk Song, his own pieces and a logical order of known works. Each piece is designed to help teach and reinforce a particular style or technique building upon what had come before.

Follow this link for the NSW Suzuki Institute.



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